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Christmas at Kew

Yes the title reads “Christmas at Kew” however we actually went on New Year’s Eve. We were in the rare situation where all 3 of us were off…yay…family trip!

The pictures of the Christmas trail were beautiful, see more on the website –ย Christmas at Kew

I’ll tell you a little about it and then tell you my thoughts.

The trail opened between 5pm and 10pm, with last entry being 8.35pm. You could book tickets online, or pick up at the gate, but knowing how popular the event was last year, I chose to book online. So tickets were ยฃ18 per adult and ยฃ10 for a child (4-16) for peak times. This allowed entry into the trail but didn’t include any rides. It also doesn’t include entry into Kew but with it being dark you couldn’t see much anyway. Parking was also extra, ยฃ7 and is only from the North gate, Brentford. However, we are closer to the South gate, Victoria so didn’t book parking.

I booked us into the 7pm time slot knowing that there was no parking and hoped less children would be there during this time, even though I was taking my own…i’ll explain later.

We gave ourselves plenty of time as we knew there was an unknown regarding parking. We drove to Victoria Gate and found a street where there was parking spaces, about a 3 minute walk from the gate. We got to the Entrance at 6.44pm and they were letting people in…phew…didn’t want to wait in the cold.

Now the trail is about a mile long, and it’s quite easy to follow. There are platforms to stop and take pictures at so that you don’t get in the way of others who wanted to stroll through. There were also Mulled Wine/Cyder and Roasted Nut stands along the way. We dutifully followed the trail ooo-ing and ahh-ing at the incredible displays and the obvious time and effort that had been put in.

All in All we were there about an hour and a half which got us home in time to watch Harry Potter ๐Ÿ™‚

My Opinion – please bear this in mind this is my own opinion and not meant to cause offence.

I felt for the time spent, that ยฃ46, that it was a waste of time. Yes the lights were pretty and yes Kew is an expensive place but for 3 people…

I also had an issue with some of the people there…Kew is a respected and well-loved place…Do Not Let Your Children Abuse it. There were children running all over the gardens, not paying attention to littering or to the paths. This frustrates me. I would, in now way, allow my child to be this disrespectful. (Rant Over).

My final words…go and visit but I won’t worry about going again.

Hope you all had a Good New Year and here’s to a fabby 2017.

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The Best of Christmas TV (UK only)

I am not alone when I say Christmas is the BEST time of year for TV. You have everything from Christmas special programs, Christmas films, re-runs and my ultimate favourite…

Like any normal human being, I picked up my copy of Radio Times at the beginning of December and dutifully *starred* all of my interests. If you haven’t managed to get one, use this link to the actual website to organise your evening entertainment – Radio Times Christmas TV. ย This post is anticipating all of the excitement of the TVย for the first week, 19th to 24th, then I’ll do a separate one for 26th to 30th…

So what I am looking forward to? Here I list two shows a night for you to tune into (freeview):

Monday 19th December

Jamie’s Ultimate Christmas – 8pm, Channel 4

Everyone loves a bit of this Essex Chef. His ideas and food are all amazing and look yummy (even though I’m Vegan). He also shows ways to make the standard meal slightly more exciting, both visually and in flavours.

The Prince Harry Documentary ย – ย 9pm, ITV

Prince Harry…the people’s royal. Ignoring everything going on around his personal life, Harry is dutifully finishing what his mother started. This program follows his work in Sentebale (his charity). Watch this to see how important Charity is to the Prince.

Tuesday 20th December

Mary Berry’s Absolute Christmas Favourites (1/2) – 7pm, BBC2

Yes, she is getting old. Yes, some of her recipes are questionable. But we all love Bezza. Here she is showing us some traditional seasonal recipes…and some new ones. Part two airs on Wednesday 21st.

Inside the Christmas Factory – 9pm BBC2

I love programs like this, where they show us the ins and outs of Business’. Gregg Wallace is the lucky duck that gets to spend a whole day with a Cake factory finding out how hard it is to produce over 2,000 mince pies..and Cherry Healey spends time with a factory who produces over 400million meters of wrapping paper!

Wednesday 21st December

Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas (3/3)- 8pm, Channel 4

I have watched the other two episodes and this is the last one this year. This time she’s in London where she visits the night marked in Hoxton. I love Kirstie’s passion for everything hand crafted and local.

24 Hours in A&E – 9pm, Channel 4

Can’t really say what’s going to happen in this, as it’s different every week. It is an incredible insight into what the NHS Doctors, Nurses, Porters and other staff members go through to save our lives. Not only do they sacrifice their own time, they go above and beyond to do everything they can for us. (Yes I wholeheartedly support the NHS)

Thursday 22nd December

Grand Designs – 7.55pm, More4

Yes it’s old…Yes it’s a repeat but I still love this program. Kevin’s love for architecture is contagious. Plus this one is local to me on the River Thames. The house is spectacular and has a really ingenious way to combat flooding.

The World’s Most Expensive Toys – 9pm, Channel 4

How Much? I will yell this at the TV at least 10 times during this program..much to the annoyance of my other half.

Friday 23rd December

Saving Mr Banks – 8.30pm, BBC2

When this movie first came out, I refused to watch it. I love Mary Poppins and this Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is one of the most amazing words ever! But once I watched this, I loved it. The idea that Walt Disney isn’t as shiny and melodic as the Disney franchise is today.

Casino Royale – 9pm, ITV2

Bond. Enough Said.

Saturday 24th December aka CHRISTMAS EVE!!

Michael McIntyre’s Big Christmas Show – 7.25pm, BBC1

The funniest man on the planet as a Christmas Show. Two of my favourite things. It is the last of his series that has been showing on a Saturday night. The best part is his “Send to All” texting skit. Completely taking control of the chosen celebrity’s phone and sending a generally embarrassing text to all of the contact list. Love it!

8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown – 9pm, Channel 4

I much prefer this to the original 8 out of 10 Cats. Jon Richardson is a odd crush of mine…the way he solves the maths questions without even writing out the method; Genius.

So there you have it…my top two shows for every evening from Today until Christmas Eve. Hope you enjoy…I’ll let you know my verdict in the New Year.

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