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Christmas at Kew

Yes the title reads “Christmas at Kew” however we actually went on New Year’s Eve. We were in the rare situation where all 3 of us were off…yay…family trip!

The pictures of the Christmas trail were beautiful, see more on the website – Christmas at Kew

I’ll tell you a little about it and then tell you my thoughts.

The trail opened between 5pm and 10pm, with last entry being 8.35pm. You could book tickets online, or pick up at the gate, but knowing how popular the event was last year, I chose to book online. So tickets were £18 per adult and £10 for a child (4-16) for peak times. This allowed entry into the trail but didn’t include any rides. It also doesn’t include entry into Kew but with it being dark you couldn’t see much anyway. Parking was also extra, £7 and is only from the North gate, Brentford. However, we are closer to the South gate, Victoria so didn’t book parking.

I booked us into the 7pm time slot knowing that there was no parking and hoped less children would be there during this time, even though I was taking my own…i’ll explain later.

We gave ourselves plenty of time as we knew there was an unknown regarding parking. We drove to Victoria Gate and found a street where there was parking spaces, about a 3 minute walk from the gate. We got to the Entrance at 6.44pm and they were letting people in…phew…didn’t want to wait in the cold.

Now the trail is about a mile long, and it’s quite easy to follow. There are platforms to stop and take pictures at so that you don’t get in the way of others who wanted to stroll through. There were also Mulled Wine/Cyder and Roasted Nut stands along the way. We dutifully followed the trail ooo-ing and ahh-ing at the incredible displays and the obvious time and effort that had been put in.

All in All we were there about an hour and a half which got us home in time to watch Harry Potter 🙂

My Opinion – please bear this in mind this is my own opinion and not meant to cause offence.

I felt for the time spent, that £46, that it was a waste of time. Yes the lights were pretty and yes Kew is an expensive place but for 3 people…

I also had an issue with some of the people there…Kew is a respected and well-loved place…Do Not Let Your Children Abuse it. There were children running all over the gardens, not paying attention to littering or to the paths. This frustrates me. I would, in now way, allow my child to be this disrespectful. (Rant Over).

My final words…go and visit but I won’t worry about going again.

Hope you all had a Good New Year and here’s to a fabby 2017.

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First Day of School

Hey Everyone,

With it being September and most children have either gone back to school or started school, I thought I would do a post about your child’s first day of Primary School.

Lily started school this September and having been at Nursery since she was 6 months old, there was mixed emotions about this next chapter. In this post I’ll go over what we did to prepare for Big School, what we did on the Day and how to convince them to go back the next day. Yes it will be emotional but all mum’s go through it, so you aren’t alone.

Prep for the Big Day

Now I could go into the whole applying for schools etc, but that is a long story in our case and will save it for another post, in short, we didn’t get any school on our list and ended up at a school 15 minute drive away. Luckily, the local council allowed our top school to increase their intake and we were given a place at my preferred choice.

Once I had confirmed the place with School Admissions, I started talking to Lily about school, making new friends and leaving nursery.

About 2 months before school started, I bought uniform. I decided going to Asda with Lily and other stressed parents wasn’t my idea of fun, so I did what most other parents now choose to do and bought online. I went onto Asda’s clothing website, www.george.com, and chose a few different styles in a couple of sizes, knowing that I would need to return some.

Here is my shopping list:-

  • Grey Dresses
  • White Polo Tops
  • White Blouses
  • Grey Tights
  • White and Grey Socks
  • Black T-shirt and Shorts (for Drama/Gym/Sports)
  • Black Plimsolls
  • Black School Shoes

I chose to get the Black Plimsolls and Black school shoes from John Lewis, www.johnlewis.com and the Partner on the shoe fitting was extremely helpful and patient with us. The pair we ended up choosing were Start Rite Charlotte in Black, http://www.johnlewis.com/start-rite-charlotte-leather-shoes-black/p2103245, as apparently a T-bar style is better for children with wide feet.

When the parcel arrived, I explained to Lily that it was a present for her and, of course, this causes a certain level of excitement. I let her open the parcels herself, browse through them, try them on. I then asked her what they were for…School was the answer I got. Woohoo…she sounded quite excited.

The next and possibly the biggest step of this whole process was to leave nursery. Lily had been at this Nursery since she was 6 months old and they were brilliant. The support they gave me as a single mum was totally unexpected but very welcomed. You can find more information about them here  http://nurseries.childbasepartnership.com/nursery/victoria-house/. I tried to turn this into a good day rather than a sad one. Lily and I chose cards and flowers to give to certain key workers that were particularly special to her. I dropped her at Nursery that morning, went about my day, arrived a little earlier than usual so that we could hand out flowers to everyone. This went much better than I had imagined and the only tears were from her key workers. It didn’t hit Lily until we had driven away…and then the tears came. And Bless Her. I explained that we could go back and visit and this seemed to calm her.

Finally my preparation was done and we were ready for Day 1.

On the Day

Well actually the night before, we laid out her uniform including pants and hairbands. On the morning of, we got up, showered, got dressed, plaited her hair and did our teeth. The whole time, we were talking about school and what she was going to have for lunch, what people she would meet and what time I would be there to pick her up. We got our shoes on, a couple of sweets in my pocket, and off we went. Now please don’t be alarmed, the sweets weren’t for Lily, they were for me. A woman I used to work with once told me that the muscles you use to suck sweets are the same ones that relax when you cry. Therefore keeping them tense by sucking, reduces the chance of the mum-tears.

The school is 10 minutes walking from our house and I think this helped because she saw other children going as well. We arrived to the Headmaster giving a quick welcome speech and some guidelines, including no climbing on the Pirate Ship and where to drop off/pick up from. Once this was done, I quickly took Lily to the classroom gate and gave her a little push and off she went. Simple as that!

Now I know everyone’s experience will be different but one thing I would suggest is to make it exciting! Children are adventurous and curious by nature and it really helps to play on this and get them involved and excited about each step.


I hope this helps somewhat and remember, All mums are going through the same thing so you are not alone. And if you feel those tears coming, pop a couple of sweets in your pocket. You can thank me later 🙂 Any questions, please comment below and I will aim to answer them as best as I can.

Over and Out